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Like the desert creatures crawling from their daylight hiding places when, beyond the land's edge falling, Sun withdraws his blasting blight, I, by day no more encumbered, wake my soul that long has slumbered and unveil my greater graces in your bosom, ancient Night. I have heard the bitter wailing of the wakeful men, who wrestle through the too-long hours, flailing in the day's tempestuous fight; now I hear your sweet oblation poured out in each susurration from the same, who warmly nestle in your bosom, ancient Night. Love, though Venus vainly claims him as a son Mars fathered from her; though the dawn-adorer tames him to a shadow of delight; though men bottle, trap, and trade him, never will forget who made him: he was nursed in Eden's summer on your bosom, ancient Night. Though pale Death, Love's favorite brother is all life's unyielding despot, you alone, his goddess-Mother cannot feel his bitter bite; and when life is nowhere breathing, you will see him sighing, sheathing his blue sword, and taking respite in your bosom, ancient Night. When the suns of all creation tire of their appointed burning, and no long-held obligation keeps alive their gaudy light, you will see them dimming, sinking inward, one by one out-winking: children of the dark, returning to your bosom, ancient Night.
Love's Dream 03:42
I woke alone, wrapped up in darkness; my love, my pearl, you were not there. Your lingering scent like myrrh and cinnamon hung like an echo in the air. And I sought the one my soul loves. I stepped out stumbling into the hushed city, the furtive world before the dawn. I asked a watchman if he had seen you; his words were empty; I went on. And I sought the one my soul loves. A few steps further, I saw you standing; glad silence swallowed my alarms. Your hair was jeweled with gems of dewfall, which fell like kisses on my arms, wrapped around the one my soul loves. I led you back into the warm room and held you close till all was bright. Your teeth are milk, your lips are nectar, your scent a cloak of deep delight wrapped around the one my soul loves.
I woke up some time ago I don't remember where I was or what I did or if I did anything I look left I look right I look up and I look down I look forward and I see nothing I'm still here but everything else is not I'm wondering if I've reached the other side Did I die or did everyone else? 'Cause everything else is gone and vanished Everything around me is one color but which one I do not know is it white is it black is it gray? I don't see water I don't see land I don't see air I don't see space What did I do to lose everything? I'm still here but everything else is not I'm wondering if I've reached the other side Did I die or did everyone else? 'Cause everything else is gone and vanished Sometime last night something must've happened but my memory is all gone like a hard drive that's been erased by tech support Now I'm out here confused and lost I can't hear or see or smell but I guess it's what happens at the end of time I'm still here but everything else is not This must be the other side I mean, did I die or did everyone else? 'Cause everything else is gone and vanished
Sunrise 2011 03:05
The sun comes up on a boundless lake and I can't believe that I'm still awake, and there the tip of an up-straining spire catches the light of the rising fire and we stand and stare in the freezing air and we drink in the light as we shake. Only one year left, so the tabloids say; I doubt that the days that remain are so few, but when the sun rises on Earth's last day, I want to watch it rise up with you; when the meteor falls and the trumpet calls and our frozen world melts away. But of course, that's silly; the world won't end in a single year, or in our whole span; but when bright light blooms on our last day, my friend, I still think it seems like a damn fine plan, when we're eighty-five and we're still alive, we can watch the darkness descend.


This is a set of songs that we (Alexander Dove, a poet who occasionally makes some music, and Nathan Fivecoate, a composer who sometimes writes a few lyrics) worked on during the summer of 2011, figuring our combined talents would produce better results than either of us alone. We hope you will enjoy our efforts and perhaps support us by downloading the music and recommending it to your friends.
More music by Alexander Dove can be found on this bandcamp site, and more by Nathan Fivecoate can be found at nathanfivecoate.bandcamp.com


released October 29, 2011

Nathan Fivecoate -- piano, vocals, percussion
Alexander Dove -- guitar, vocals, percussion
Hana Zegeye -- backing vocals (Sunrise 2011)

Mixed by Alexander Dove
Album art by Jeremiah Madziarczyk; photo by Magdalena Cassel


all rights reserved



Alexander Dove Chicago, Illinois

Alexander Dove is a songwriter, poet, and composer, who also plays in the traditional Celtic folk group Dòrain. Alexander Dove is used for more-or-less solo or self-directed work, regardless of genre. Published writings are under the name Alexander Dove Lempke. ... more

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